Failure to :hover

So I wanted to share a curious example of failure with you; an instance where a series of “aha” moments during debugging were each followed by slumped shoulders and an “aww, man.” It happened during the coding of the “Random Quote Generator” that is part of the intermediate projects on freeCodeCamp’s website. Advertisements

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What I’ve Learned So Far

I mentioned in my introductory post that I’m about to finish up a bachelor’s program at UMaryland-UC in software development and security and that, despite nearing the end of such a degree, I still don’t feel job ready. Nevertheless, I want to try to place my programming skills and comfort with technology into context before […]

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Hello, World

I know, I know, a web developer looking to write about his adventure into self-directed programming education shouldn’t be relying on WordPress to create his first site, he should be hard coding this sucker. But, to my credit, this technically isn’t my first site. It’s not even my second. I’m 13 courses into a 16 […]

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